Collaborate over Ads

From Videographers to clients, share Ads with everyone in your Agency.

Use Comments, public Boards and more to share and organize your Ads.


Organize Ads into Boards

Create boards and share them with your clients, stakeholders and more.
Let them in your creative process effortlessly.

Here's what boards can do for you.

  • Share links

    Share boards publicly.
  • Filters

    Enable people to filter through Ads via boards
  • View Sample Board

Collaborate with your teammates

Onboard your teammates into your Workspace. Turn your library into a multiplayer playground.

  • Comment on Ads

    Teammates can comment on Ads. Think of them as small informational breadcrumbs you can leave for other users in your Workspace.
  • Tag Ads

    Teammates can tag Ads with relevant context, eg: UGC Ads, Fall fashion for {client name}, Skincare UGCs, etc.
We create boards for competitor research. Over time I can see Swipekit becoming a very useful part of our workflow.

Jeremy Hope

Senior Marketing Strategist Outsource My Marketing

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