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Video Ads, Image Ads & Carousels supported. Use our Chrome extension to save these ads.

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How does it work?

3 easy steps to save Ads

  • 1. Install our Chrome extension

    Swipekit Chrome Extension
  • 2. Head to the Facebook Ad Library

  • 3. Click the button. That's it!

FB Ad Library Adspy

The perfect tool for Adspy

Here's what we save — so you don't have to.

  • Ad Assets

    We save the actual Ad asset, eg: Video, Image, Carousel images. And in high-res.
  • Ad Title & Copy

    All textual copy is saved.
  • CTA

    The CTA text & link is saved.
  • Platforms

    Swipekit also saves all Meta platforms the ad ran on.
  • Ad Start date

    Ad Start date is saved to make it easier to find winning ads.

The best tool to manage your Ad swipe files

Your Ads, organized.

  • Filter by tags

    We save categories from Facebook Ads so you can filter through them
  • Filter by brand

    Over time you'll amass a large collection of Ads. Breakdown these Ads by individual brands.
  • Filter by platform

    Filter through Facebook, Tiktok & Linkedin Ads.
  • Filter by asset type

    Filter individual Ads by their creative type. Video, Image and Carousels are supported.

Made for Forward thinking Marketers

Picture this — you’re scrolling through the Facebook Ad Library, when a Ad grabs your attention.

Creative with a really nice hook — copy is on point and it is relevant for a client campaign of yours.

You save the link to that Ad in your favourite notes app.

After a few days, a client runs their campaign idea past you. That ad you saved earlier would be great to take inspiration from.

So you send that link to the client. Unfortunately, the ad link expired and you just sent a 404 link to your client.


With Swipekit, forget about this scenario happening ever again. Save the Ad using our Chrome Extension and its saved in your library forever.

Build your Ads Swipe file with Swipekit.

The easiest way to save and store ads forever

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