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Save Ads using our Chrome extension and build your swipefile.

  • Effortless Ad saving with our Chrome extension - Quickly save Ads using our easy-to-use Chrome extension.

    Save Ads from 4+ Ad libraries
  • Private Database - Access and save ads from Multiplayer, our exclusive private database.

And yes, they are saved forever 😁

Discover Winners

Find Winning Ads

Use our toolset to find and discover Winning Ads in your library.

  • Find Ad Reach

    Facebook has exposed data for Ad reach for Ads running in the EU. We make this data accessible for Facebook Ads which have run in the EU.
  • Sort by Ad active days

    Find winning Ads by sorting by how long an Ad has been active, in both Multiplayer and inside your own Library.
  • Sort by Ad reach

    Find winning Ads by sorting by their Ad reach. EU Ads only.
Share Ads

Easily Organize your Ad Library

Use our toolset to organize your Ad Library.

  • Streamline your Ad management

    Whether you have 100 ads or 10,000, our powerful filter tools help you find exactly what you need. Filter by niche, brand, creative type, network, and more.
  • Board-Based Ad Organization

    Create customized boards to group your ads. Organize them by client, campaign, or any criteria that suits your workflow. Each board is a dedicated space for focused ad management.
  • Seamless Board Sharing

    Easily share boards with your clients and get project brief approvals. Enhance your workflow by embedding boards directly into Notion or ClickUp, allowing you to manage everything from a single place.
  • Quick Ad Sharing

    Share individual ads or entire boards with your team or clients in just a few clicks. Ensure everyone is aligned and get approvals faster.

Everything you need to find Winning Ads

Looks great on a video call - or in a presentation
Looks great on a video call - or in a presentation
Your ad library isn’t just organized—it looks impressive in video calls and presentations.
Instant Access to Comprehensive Ad Data
Instant Access to Comprehensive Ad Data
Explore detailed Ad insights. Access active days, reach, display formats, ad library links, assets, titles, and more - all at your fingertips.
Detailed Landing page screenshots
Detailed Landing page screenshots
View Landing page screenshots(desktop & mobile) for saved Ads. Understand the user journey from ad click to conversion.
Ad Transcripts now available
Ad Transcripts now available
Swipekit will automatically generate a transcript of your saved video Ads. Use this to create briefs for your own Ads.

Proof is in the pudding!

Here's a bunch of Ads I've collected over the past couple of months with Swipekit.

Bombshell Ads

Here's a swipefile I created for inspo. Includes Ads from various top rated D2C brands.

View Swipefile

B2B Linkedin Ads

Here's another one created for showcasing B2B Ads. Collected from the Linkedin Ads Library.

View Swipefile

Swipekit has been a game-changer for our agency, allowing us to effortlessly discover and save winning ads while conducting thorough competitor research.

It has streamlined our process of creating high-performing creatives and has become our go-to tool for mood boards and ad inspiration.

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Common questions

  • What Ad Libraries can I save Ads from?

  • How does this work?

  • Are the ads really saved inside Swipekit?

  • How can I share boards with my teammates?

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