• How does this work?

    Install our Chrome extension. Then go to the Facebook Ad Library or view your Tiktok Feed and start saving ads.

    Your saved ads will be in your Swipekit Library.

    That's all!

    Now you can organize Ads into boards and share those boards with your creative team, clients or even UGC creators.

    Here's a sample board.

  • If I cancel my plan, will I lose my saved ads?

    If you cancel your plan, you can keep viewing your saved ads & you can keep using your existing board, but you can't save any new ads and you can't create new boards.

  • Are the ads really saved inside Swipekit?

    Yes! Unlike other similar tools for gathering content, Swipekit stores the actual video of the ad, actual images and all related metadata.

    So when the ad goes down, its still in your library forever.

  • What happens to my saved ads when my trial expires?

    If you're trial runs out, you can still view your ads but you can't save any new ads or create new boards.

  • Does Swipekit support multiple accounts?

    Swipekit doesn't have multi accounts nor workspaces at this moment.

    But you can use it for your agency simply by creating a single account and sharing the login details internally. At the end of the day, every ad saved by your colleagues is saved in your single account.

    If we release workspaces, we'll let you know beforehand and we'll help you move your account to a multi account setup.

  • What's your refund policy?

    We offer a full 30 day no questions asked money back gurantee.

    This is valid for both monthly and annual plans.

  • What permissions does the extension need

    We only ask permission to access Facebook pages, Tiktok pages and Swipekit's webapp.

    We don't ask read all and write all access to all pages and tabs on your browser.