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What is the Pinterest Ad Library all about?

By Shash7. Posted under guides Posted on 27th Sep, 2023 - Updated on 11th Mar, 2024

For those living under a rock, Pinterest just dropped their own Ad Library. Seems like they dropped the Library because of European Union's laws.

You can access it from here.

Here's a deeper look inside the Pinterest Ad library.

The Pinterest Ad Library - aka the Ad Repository

What the Pinterest Ad Library Offers:

  1. Region-Specific Ads: The library primarily showcases ads from the European Union. This focus stems from EU regulations requiring transparency in digital advertising.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: The library stands out for its simple user interface and numerous filters. Users can narrow down ads by category, gender, age group, and advertiser, offering a streamlined browsing experience.

Comparative Advantages:

  1. Rich Data Insights: Unlike other ad libraries, Pinterest's version provides extensive data on individual ads. This depth of information surpasses that of the Meta Ad Library, allowing users to deduce strategies like media buying approaches of specific advertisers.
  2. Compliance with EU Laws: Pinterest's adherence to EU transparency laws means the library might be more comprehensive in data provision compared to others not bound by these regulations.

Screenshot 2023 09 30 at 11.41.25 Am

One thing I really like about the library is the abundance of filters and the simplicity of the UI.

For instance, I can drilldown by the category(niche), gender, age group(targeting) and also via the advertiser.

Screenshot 2023 09 30 at 11.46.20 Am

Unfortunately, I need to select a country. There's no 'all' choice. This is a similar design choice used in the Tiktok Ad Library.

Anyways, onto the bad stuff.


  1. Geographic Restriction: A significant limitation is the focus on EU ads only, reducing its utility for non-European agencies or marketers.
  2. Lack of Global Coverage: The absence of an option to view ads from all countries simultaneously limits the scope for global market analysis.

Utility in Media Buying: Despite its regional focus, the Pinterest Ad Library can be a potent tool for media buyers, especially those targeting the European market. It offers unique insights and detailed data, aiding in competitive analysis and strategy formulation.

Future Prospects: As for the inclusion of non-European ads, the future remains uncertain. Given the EU-driven nature of this initiative, Pinterest might not extend the library's scope unless similar regulations are implemented in other regions.

Practical Advice: For longevity, saving ads directly to your device is recommended, as ads in the library are subject to expiration.

Screenshot 2023 09 30 at 11.47.50 Am

Final thoughts

Clicking on the individual ad shows a ton of data points. Much better than the Meta Ad Library.

With these data points I can figure out Asos's general media buying strategy. Note that Pinterest needs to give out this data because of EU laws. Similar to what's happening to the EU transparency tag inside the Facebook Ad Library.

While the Pinterest Ad Library is a promising tool for in-depth market analysis in the EU, its utility is currently limited by geographic constraints. Its unique features make it a important resource for EU-region based marketing strategies​.

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Common Questions

  • How do I access Pinterest ads?

    Pinterest Ad Library(or Ad Repository) can be accessed from this page.

  • Will the Ads inside the Pinterest Ad Library expiry?

    Yes they will expiry eventually.

    I recommend saving the Ads by right clicking on the media and saving them to your device.

  • When will Pinterest start showing Ads for non-european countries?

    Honestly, I have no clue.

    Since the whole existence of the Ad Library is mandated by EU legislature, they have no incentive to show non-european Ads.

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