How we started

Swipekit started as a tool for saving Tweets in around early 2022. I was in the market looking for opportunities around 'swipe files' and though I'll start with Twitter.

Twitter swipe files! Doesn't that sound great? Unfortunately the market was already crowded and I wanted to explore other avenues.

Then I pivoted towards Youtube Ads. This is a big market but unfortunately Google doesn't take kindly to people saving Youtube videos, whether they are Ads or not.
So I backed down from this pivot.

Then I pivoted towards saving swipe files as 'screenshots'. You can take screenshots of entire webpages or sections of webpages. The general response was good but over and over again people would ask whether they can save Facebook Ads.

So in mid 2022, Swipekit pivoted towards saving Facebook Ads, via the ad library. This proved to be the best iteration and there was no looking back from here on.

Here's where I ditched everything and focused solely on Facebook Ads.

How it's going?

Swipekit has come a long way since its inception. Beyond the early pivots, we've added heaps of new features and added a lot more value to our users over the last few months.

Some notable breakthroughts were adding Tiktok and Linkedin integrations, added ability to check Facebook Ad's active status, and much more.

Best of all? Most of our features were recommended by users and they were implemented almost right away. Swipekit is built on top of user suggestions really :D

About me

I'm a developer by trade and I've been working in advertising since the last few years.

I've been building small indie projects since the last few years. Some succeeded, most failed. Swipekit is the best one I've built.

I'm based in Melbourne, AU. If you're interested in Swipekit and ever find yourself down here, give me a shoutout and come say hi!

Right now, Swipekit is a stable business and its growing steady month-over-month.

Try Swipekit today. I hope you find it as useful as I do.

– Shash Twitter