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What is the new Linkedin Ad Library all about?

By Shash7. Posted under guides Posted on 9th Nov, 2023 - Updated on 10th Nov, 2023

Linkedin launched a brand new portal to view all running Ads on their platform. Its called the Linkedin Ad Library, very similar to the Facebook(Meta) Ad Library.

You can access the library from here.

Without further ado, let's rip in.

Linkedin Ad Library - first impressions

At a glance, the Ad Library has pretty good search.

linkedin ad library

However, it would do really well with a brand specific dropdown. Currently, if I search for Tango, it will give me back all brand names with Tango in it.

Also, no way to filter creative types(like how the fb ad library does it).

linkedin ad library search page

Anyways, once you start searching you get these data points:

  • Advertiser name and logo
  • Ad Copy
  • Ad asset(video, carousel, image)
  • CTA text

Pretty basic, compared to the fb ad library. But still good enough to save winning Ads for later.

After some time browsing the Library, here's my Cliff notes.

  1. Users can search for ads on LinkedIn by advertiser name, keyword, country, and date range. It provides details about an ad's targeting, impressions, and budget.
  2.  The platform provides transparency about the ads displayed, B2B allowing media buyers to find winning Ads, 
  3. The Ad Library is valuable for understanding marketing trends and strategies. Users can research competitors, stay updated with industry trends, and use this knowledge to enhance their marketing strategies​​.

I will be writing about Ad research strategies vis the Linkedin Ad Library in a future article. But it isn't that much different than researching winning Ads from the Facebook Ad Library. Creatives marketing B2B software definitely has different parameters.

Final thoughts

The Linkedin Ad library is an absolute goldmine for spying on your competitors, finding winning B2B Ads, and more.

While they don't offer more metrics, the Ad library offers a very convenient interface to quickly browse Ads running on the Linkedin Ad network.

Saving Linkedin Ad library Ads via the Swipekit extension

Lastly, we've added support for the Linkedin Ad Library inside Swipekit. Which means that you can easily save Linkedin Ads using our browser extension.



Common Questions

  • Where can I see LinkedIn Ads

  • How do I spy on competitors LinkedIn ads?

    You can spy on your competitor's Linkedin Ads by visiting the Linkedin Ad Library, entering your competitor's name in the brand search box, and going through their Ads.

    Any Ad that your competitor will release on Linkedin, will show up here.

  • Will the Ads inside the Linkedin Ad Library expires?

    Yes, they will. Currently, Linkedin will show Ads upto 6 months ago, but beyond that,they will remove the Ad from the Library.

    Also, Ads can also be removed under copyright claims, DMCA, etc.

    To save these Ads permanently, use Swipekit.

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