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A comphrensive look into all Swipekit features and how it can help your workflow.

Swipekit extension

The Swipekit Chrome browser extension allows you to quickly save Ads from

Ad Info panel

The Ad info panel shows some stats about an Ad about the "Save" button.
This panel is useful for quickly viewing how long an Ad has run for. Any Ad with over 7 running days will have its running days highlighted in bold.
Currently this is available for the Facebook integration only, but we will extend this feature other integrations.

Facebook Ad Library features

Quickly save Ads from the Facebook Ad library.

Swipekit will save:

  • Ad title and Ad copy
  • All variations of DOC/DPA Ads
  • All carousel images & videos
  • Videos in HD format(if available) and video cover image(if available)
  • Ad network(Instagram, Feed Ad, etc)
  • Landing page link(and its screenshot)
  • Ad video transcript
  • Other Ad formats like multi imags, page likes, etc

All these Ad assets and metadata can be viewed and easily downloaded from the Swipekit dashboard.

In addition, Swipekit also saves:

  • Ad category
  • Asset format
  • Ad active days(how long an Ad ran for)
  • Landing page link
  • Ad library link
  • Landing page screenshot
  • Ad video transcript

Ad Tracker

Swipekit tracks saved Facebook Ad and updates its running duration. This gives you a good idea of how performant an Ad is.

How does this work? After saving any Facebook ad library Ad, Swipekit will 'ping' the ad and check whether it is active or not.
Ad tracker is faily accurate with +-3 days of variance.

You can also take this further and sort all Ads by their Ad active days(so longest running Ads show up at the top).
To do so, use the Ad running days sorting filter.

EU Ad transparency support

For Ads running in the European Union, Facebook exposes additional information. Swipekit automatically stores this data.

This includes:

  • Eu Ad reach(Reach of said Ad running in the EU)
  • Estimated Ad spend(Estimated from Ad data)

Using this data, you can get a fairly accurate picture of how performant a specific Ad is, compared to another Ad of the same brand which ran in the EU.

How to save Ads with Ad reach data? When you save any Facebook Ad library ad which has 'EU transparency' text in the Ad card, Swipekit will automatically scrape Ad reach information about it.

Tiktok Ad library

Swipekit saves the actual Tiktok video. Swipekit also saved metadata including the creative/advertisor’s name as well as how long this Ad ran for.
Unfortunately the Tiktok Ad library only shows Ads that are running in the EU.

Tiktok Creative Center

Tiktok Creative Center Swipekit saved the actual Tiktok video. In addition, it also stores some stats about the video such as:

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Shares

Linkedin Ad Library

Swipekit saves Linkedin Ad assets, including video and images.

In addition to that, Swipekit also saved the Ad title and Ad copy.

Pinterest Ads Repository

Swipekit saves the Pinterest Ad image. In addition, Swipekit will also save the Ad title and Ad copy.

Unfortunately the Pinterest Ads Repository only shows Ads that are running in the EU.

Learn more about our Pinterest integration here.

Swipekit Dashboard

The Swipekit dashboard is where all your Ads will show up.
Here, you can filter your Ads by:

  • Niches(Only available if you have saved over 50 Ads)
  • Ad platforms(Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, etc)
  • Brands(Nike, Bleame, Magic spoon, AG1, etc)
  • Asset type(Video, image, carousel, etc)
  • Sort by Ad reach, Ad running Ads, saved At, etc

In particular, sorting is powerful and can help you quickly narrow down performant Ads.

You can also search for Ads via the search bar to the left of the filters.

Lastly, use Ad card display size to change how much information is shown on the dashboard. By default, we show all Ad metadata, but some people like a more minimalistic look. For this, set the display size to ‘compact’.

Inside the Dashboard, each Ad will show the advertiser, Ad asset and Ad metadata. This is helpful in viewing all Ad information in one place.

The Ad title and copy is available just under the Ad asset. If the Ad copy is large, we show only a portion of it. Click on ‘Show copy’ to expand the Ad copy section.

Clicking on any Ad will show the Ad details page.

The Ad card

The Ad card holds a host of information.

Every bit of information is here to help you narrow down Ad data and help you get an overview of your competitor's strategy.
Notable, you can download the video asset from the Ad card. You can also view the entire Ad copy inside the Ad card itself.

As mentioned above, if you find this data overwhelming, you can use the Ad card display size filter to adjust how much information is shown here.

Clicking on the Ad card will open up the Ad details page.

Ad details page

This is where you can see all info about the Ad.
Here, on the right hand side, you can view:

  • Ad metrics if applicable
  • Ad title and copy
  • Ad Transcript

You can also:

  • Assign Ads to boards
  • Assign tags to boards
  • View the Ad in the Ad library
  • View the landing page
  • View the brand page(Facebook only)

On the left hand side, you can view all assets of an Ad.
We give you a button on the top right corner of each Asset to download the asset locally on your device.
At the bottom of this panel, you will be shown a button to view Ad’s landing page screenshots.

Sharing Ads publicly

You can share individual Ads publicly with other people. They don't need to have a Swipekit account to view the Ads.

To share an Ad, click on the 3 dots on the right side of an Ad card.
Then click on 'Copy public ad link' button. Then open up a new tab and paste the link in the url bar. This url can now be sent to anyone and they can view the Ad.

Embedding an Ad

You can also take this further. If you're using Notion, Clickup or other similar tool for your workflow, you can embed Swipekit Ads directly inside it. To do so, click on the link icon.
This will open up the Share Ad page. Simply follow the instructions for your platform on this page.

You can also embed the Ad via a iframe on your own website. For this, click on the 'Embed inside a webpage' link in this page and follow the instructions.

Here's an example embed:

Bulk editor

Every now and then you'll need to assign common tags to a bunch of Ads, set Ads in a specific board, or delete Ads.

This is where the bulk editor comes in. To start bulk editing, click on the tick icon on the top left corner of any Ad. Then click on each Ad you want to bulk edit.
Then choose one of the option in the bottom panel to bulk edit.

Swipekit Boards

Boards help you organize Ads.

Click on the ‘Boards’ in the top menu to open the Boards sidebar. Then, click on ‘Add board’ at the bottom of the sidebar to create your first board.

Inside each boards, you can filter your Ads by:

  • Ad platforms(Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, etc)
  • Asset type(Video, image, carousel, etc)
  • Sort by Ad reach, Ad running Ads, saved At, etc

Additionally, you can make your board public. This is great for sharing Ad ideas with clients and creators.

To make a board public, click on the ‘Share link’ button under the board title. This will open a publicly viewable page for the board.
If this button doesn’t show up, click on ‘Update board’ under the board title and select ‘Make this public?’ and update the board.

Here's an example of a public board.

Deleting a board won’t delete the Ads inside the board. They will still be available inside your Swipekit dashboard.

Integration with the extension.

You can create boards from the extension itself. Underneath the save button, click on the plus symbol to create a boards.
You can also save an Ad in a board by clicking on the dropdown under the save button and selecting a board. You can select multiple boards too. In this case, the Ad will be saved in multiple boards.
You can also set a default board on all Ads by clicking on the Swipekit extension icon and selecting a board. This will set the dropdown of all Ads on the page to the selected board.

Swipekit Multiplayer

This is where all Ads saved with Swipekit are shown here.
Here, you can filter Ads by:

  • Niches(Over 100+ niches available)
  • Ad platforms(Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, etc)
  • Brands(Nike, Bleame, Magic spoon, AG1, etc)
  • Asset type(Video, image, carousel, etc)
  • Sort by Ad reach, Ad running Ads, saved At, etc

In particular, sorting combined with the niches filter will help you find winning Ads easily.

Note that Swipekit multiplayer will only show the raw Ad data. It won’t shown:

  • Who saved the Ad
  • Which board this Ad is in
  • What custom tags this Ad has

In other words, user information is kept private.

Swipekit Multiplayer’s landing pages

This is a great place to view landing pages. Here, you can filter landing pages by:

  • Ad platforms(Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, etc)
  • Brands(Nike, Bleame, Magic spoon, AG1, etc)
  • Asset type(Video, image, carousel, etc)
  • Sort by Ad reach, Ad running Ads, saved At, etc

In particular, brands filter is useful to view Ad strategy of various brands. Select a brand to see how their landing pages evolve over time.

Link to the landing page is provided on the right hand side. If that doesn’t work(landing page taken down, 404, etc) you can view the landing page in internet archive.

Landing page Screenshots

After saving an Ad, Swipekit will try to save the Ad’s landing page screenshot. Saving a screenshot means you can view how the Ad translates their offer from their Ad to their landing page, and you can gain addional insights inside a brand’s Ad strategy.

You can view an Ad's landing page screenshot by opening the Ad details page, and scrolling to the bottom of the left panel until a button shows up. Click on the button to expand and view landing pages.

Note that sometimes the screenshot isn’t saved. This is due to various factors such as:

  • No landing page available
  • Landing page points to or other unallowed urls
  • Technical issues in saving landing page

Ad Transcripts

After saving an Ad, Swipekit will try to generate the Ad’s video transcript. This is great for generating your own Ads briefs by pasting the Ad transcript into ChatGPT or other AI tool, and asking the tool to rework the Ad based on your own brand’s info.
You can view an Ad's transcript by opening the Ad details page for a given Ad and clicking on the 'Show transcript' button underneath the Ad copy.

Here's a sample prompt:

I run a shopify store. My brand's name is {xyz}. We are in the {abc} category.
Here's an ad transcript of my competitor's Ad:


Generate Ad title and Ad copy for an Ad, for my brand using the transcript above.

This will help you get a quickstart on Ads you can create.

Swipekit does not condone copying Ads. We recommend you use existing Ads as inspiration, not as source material.

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