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Swipekit breaks through $500 MRR

By Shash7. Posted under open startup Posted on 18th Mar, 2023 - Updated on 18th Mar, 2023

Here at Swipekit, it was a great week as our MRR passed $500 USD - it is now fully self funded and generates a neat profit above it!

This is great news for a indie business as I've been slaving away since the last few months and went on a few pivots to get a glimmer of hope.

Here's a quick recap of the past few months.

The Swipekit story circa October 2022 - March 2023

Late October 2022

Swipekit has its first customer

November 2022

Swipekit has its second customer. I'm still fixing bugs and adding new features at this point.

December 2022

I make some significant changes to the database and added Workspaces + multi user support. Also, a few more features. No new customers at this point

January 2023

Still slaving away at bugfixes, mainly oriented around admin stuff, onboarding and the Chrome extension. Its funny how bugs will keep poppping up even after spending 3+ months in development time.

No new customers yet

February 2023

Got ~5 new customers. I was away on a holiday so couldn't do much

March 2023

Got ~10 new customers. Swipekit is slowly getting more predictable revenue now. Things are looking great.

What I learnt from the past 6 months?

As a indie business owner who's been working on Swipekit since the last 6 months, here's what I learnt.

  • Your time is your most valuable asset. Use it wisely. For instance, I don't interactive much on Linkedin and Twitter since they are a poor source of revenue. I spend most of my time marketing on SEO efforts these days.
  • Onboarding is very very important. Spend time on it as your most valuable feature. It is probably even more important that what your app actually does.
  • You will be surprised how much polish your app will need before users will be willing to spend money on it. They want a product that works well, without any significant flaws or groundbreaking bugs.
  • But once you fix all those bugs, its easy money - really. You'll be getting customers while you're sleeping, when you're out on the weekend, and that's a pretty cool feeling.
  • Always keep your customer support top notch. A lot of customers have converted simply by interacting with me through the chat widget. The best way to have good customer support is to respond to them as quickly as possible.

Here's to $500 MRR. Can't wait to reach $5000!


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