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Swipekit internals - How we track errors and ensure platform reliability

By Shash7. Posted under open startup Posted on 14th Apr, 2023 - Updated on 26th May, 2023

Since the last six months, Swipekit has ballooned up to be a massive project. Right now we have over 15,000 Ads saved, over 1k user data and heaps of cronjobs and 3rd party api services running concurrently.

Tracking these issues and keeping on top of them is almost a full time job. Luckily I've automated most of these processes.

Here's a look into my workflow, and what tools I use to handle our telemetry.

Tools we use for tracking errors and telemetry


I use Logtail for log tracking. Not a big fan of other logging services since the UI is so horrible. But Logtail makes this task really easy, to go back in time and see what happened.


Another tool is Sentry. Now I wish this was more useful than I thought. But it gets the job done and leaves a nice summary of errors.

On a side note: If you're building an error logging tool or something similar, I'm frustrated with existing tools and I'd love to give you feedback. Please get in touch with me.


I track events via Posthog. Frankly, this service is a game changer. Before Posthog, I've used Mixpanel and Hotjar. But Posthog combines them both and gives it out under a generous free plan quota.

I still wish Swipekit has a deeper integration with Posthog. But right now, I'm happy with the service.


This is an odd ball. I reporting at my fingertips, eg: let me know when a user signs up, when somebody's trial expires, when a cronjob finishes, etc. So I built something to automatically send me events to Telegram.

Why Telegram? Its free, I don't use Slack, and I hate Meta's API.


While Swipekit isn't perfect, it would've been less than perfect had it not been for these tools. And I'm always trying out new tools to find out issues, crashes, better customer support, etc.


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