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How to download ads from the Facebook ad Library? — Updated for 2023

By Shash7. Posted under guides Posted on 27th Sep, 2022 - Updated on 9th Mar, 2023

If you're running an agency or working in one, you may have need to save ads from the Facebook Ad Library.

Unfortunately the Facebook Ad Library links expire once the ad campaign runs off so you're left with a 404 link. So your best bet is to save the actual ad asset, be it video, image or carousel.

I've built a free tool to do exactly that! With this tool you can easily save ads by just the click of a button.

Here's how you can save ads with this tool in 3 easy steps.

1. Install the Swipekit extension & create a Swipekit account

Without this extension, it is extremely cumbersome saving ads from the ad library.

Create your account from here and follow the instructions.

Now  head over to the Facebook Ad Library.

2. Find the ads you want to save from Facebook Ad Library

Head to and find an ad that you want to save. In this case, I'm searching for real estate ads for a client of mine.

Clean Shot 2023 03 10 at 08.46.16@2x

Now click on the 'Save' button. This will take a few seconds but once its saved, the ad and all relevant metadata is saved in your Swipekit account.

3. Build a collection of ads

Alright great you've got the ad. But now what?

Next step: Organise your ads.

Create a board from your Swipekit webapp and give it a creative name. It could be something like 'Great hooks', 'Competitor ads' or even the name of your client.

Now click on the tickmark on the top left corner of your saved ad and add them to your board using the bulk update menu.

Clean Shot 2023 03 10 at 08.39.01@2x

Clean Shot 2023 03 10 at 08.39.59@2x

Once these Ads are saved in your board, you can share your board's public link with anyone, even with your clients.

They don't need a Swipekit account to view Ads in your public board link.


That's it! You've saved your first ad from the Facebook Ad Library. Even better, you've organized it in your Swipekit library.

Feel free to share it with your co-workers or clients by making the board public.



Common Questions

  • How do I save a video from Facebook ad library?

    The simplest way is to play the video, then right click on said video, click 'Save Video as' and download the video file. After the file has been downloaded, add '.mp4' at the end of the file name and you can open it as a video file.

    Frame 130

    Unfortunately, this is a rather clunky way to download videos.

    If you use the  Swipekit browser extension, there's a button available inside the ad. Simply click on the button and the video along with the ad title, ad copy and other metadata.

    Clean Shot 2022 11 21 at 22.10.17@2x

  • How do I view competitor's ads?

    Inside the Facebook ad library, you will get 3 filter options.

    Location, Ad Category and search term.

    Select location to All, that way you'll see all your competitor's ads, even those being targeted in other countries.

    Select Ad Category to All Ads.

    Enter your competitor's name. See if they come up in the dropdown othewise hit enter and see what ads show up.

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