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What is the Tiktok Ad Transparency page?

By Shash7. Posted under guides Posted on 25th Aug, 2023 - Updated on

Tiktok recently unveiled their attempt at replicating the Facebook Ad Library. Its called the Commercial Content Library, aka the Tiktok Ad Transparency page.

You can access this page here.

What is the difference between Tiktok's Creative Center?

Right now, the main differences are:

  • Anyone can enable their Ads to be shown on the Creative Center. Seems like all running Ads are shown on the Transparency page.
  • Transparency page doesn't show some stats compared to the Creative Center.
  • Transparency page only shows Ads running in some european countries.

The last point is vital. Without showing Ads from other countries, it is largely useless. But Tiktok says they will add support for other countries very soon.


It very much seems like Tiktok has started using the playbook Facebook has been using. But know this - the Transparency page initiative was started by a scathing report from Mozilla. Tiktok(and other Ad networks) still want this data to be secretive.

Here at Swipekit, we're busy adding support for the Tiktok Transparency page. So you can eventually start saving Ads from there too!

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