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How to spy on Linkedin competitor's ads?

By Shash7. Posted under guides Posted on 20th Nov, 2022 - Updated on 27th Jan, 2023

Are you a Linkedin advertiser? Want to see what your client's competitors are up to on Linkedin? Or looking for B2B Ad inspo? I'll show you a neat way to view ads any brand has been running on Linkedin — and a shortcut to save their ads.

1) Go to your competitor's Linkedin company page

Head over to any Linkedin company page. Here, I've a university company page.

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2) View their ads

Now click on posts and select the ad filter. This will show all the Ads this company has run on Linkedin since the last 6 months.

Poof! Now you can view all their ads.

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3) Save their ads.

Unfortunately there's no gurantee these ads will stay up forever. According to Linkedin, these ads will go down after 6 months automatically. If you're building a collection of competitor ads, it is recommended to save these ads.

You can screenshot these ads or right click on the video/image and save the creative.

I also recommend saving the Ad text and title inside Google Sheets or Airtable. This will serve as a handy reference to the Ads you'll save.

3a) - Use Swipekit to save ads

Unfortunately screenshotting these ads is too clunky and saving Ad metadata is too time consuming. I created the Swipekit Chrome extension to save these ads instantly at the click of a button.

After installing Swipekit, you'll see a save button under every ad.

Clean Shot 2023 01 27 at 11.06.14@2x

Clicking on that button will save the Ad creative, title and text from the Ad and save it permanently in your Swipekit account, even if the Linkedin Ad goes down.


This is the fastest way to spy on your Linkedin competitors or even build an Ads swipefile of your own.

Common Questions

  • How can I see running Ads on Linkedin?

    Go to any Linkedin company page and view their posts. Now click on the Ads filter and see all their running Ads.

  • Which ad types are the most effective on Linkedin?

    According to socialmediatoday's poll, Single Image Ads perform the best.

    Closely followed by Video ads, then promoted text posts.

    - 42% | Single Image Ads
    - 32% | Video Ads
    - 15% | Promoted text posts
    - 12% | Other

    In my experience, I've seen Video do better than Single image ads - but this totally depends on the brand account and what message you want to deliver.

    Text posts are also great for getting started on Linkedin advertising and lead gen forms are also great for just getting leads booked in via Linkedin.

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