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How to create an effective UGC Creator portfolio?

By Shash7. Posted under guides Posted on 29th Sep, 2022 - Updated on 27th Oct, 2022

Thinking of becoming a UGC Creator? In this article I'll give you some solid tips on creating your portfolio so you can land your brand deals.

Think about your pitch

Don't overthink

This is the number one most important thing. I've seen people take weeks building out a fancy wix or a canva website. That same time can be spend refining your content and starting outreaching to brands.

That being said I recommend just because it's dead simple to use.

You can also use Canva to create a portfolio but I find Canva created portfolios too noisy. There are endless ways to customize it and hence a lot of creators go absolutely nuts on the design whereas you need to nail the content.

Why Carrd? Its simple and doesn't come with many options. Less options = less time spend figuring out stuff.

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I can also recommend building out your initial portfolio as a public page.

Clean Shot 2022 10 01 at 18.43.27

What's notion? It's like Google docs but on steroids.

What content should you put in your portfolio

1) Videos

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Number one thing are your UGC videos Put up at least 4-5 videos, more if possible. And make sure you put up your best videos.

We want to see how you're pitching the product, what creative hook can you come up with and your enthusiasm/vibe you're giving off.

And please for the love of god don't put videos on autoplay. 

2) Something about yourself

You don't need to write a literal essay but a short simple summary of yourself, how long have you being doing this for, your availability and your prices.

For availability, you can create a free Calendly account and embed your calendar or just write down what days are you generally free.

For prices, you can go with a fixed price or at least give a ballpark figure.

3) Drop your links

Drop em all. Tiktok, Twitter, Linkedin whatever. And your email address too.

This is very crucial. If brands can't find a way to contact you quickly, they'll just move on to the next creator.


I hope these tips help you make a killer portfolio and land you those brand deals. Here are some sample UGC portfolios you can use as a reference.

Building a portfolio isn't the end. Next up, you need to reach out to brands. I'll explain this in a future blog post.



  • Should you use linktree or Stan? Probably not, if you're new to thing. Your single focus should be put out a portfolio and start reaching out to brands. But once you got a few deals under